Skipper Line Urup


As mentioned before we expect to be leaving Denmark in July. From then on our journey can be followed on this site. Blog posts is to be found in the blue box to the right --> 

But! Before we slip our moorings we have a loong list of preperation before the boat, once again, is ready for a long voyage:

In order to borrow the boat one year in advance, Lines father had one condition: both of us had to get the Yachtmasters 3rd Class Examination. So we took the course and passed our exams!

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Next step was to prepare the boat so we could get it in the water where it belongs. It was some intense couple of days washing the boat, polishing, painting, repearing the keel, replacing old zinc anodes. But we made it just in time to get the boat in the water on April 7, 2017. What at nice feeling to see the boat back in the water!

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One of the most time consuming projects on our to-do list is the lacquering of the floor which was damaged on an earlier trip from Caribbean to Europe. We are done with the upside of the floor but the downside is still missing. Luckily the downside only needs 3 layers instead of the 8 layers the upside needed! Good thing is, the floor is looking beautiful, so our time is not wasted!

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Right now we have a lot of electricity work to be done which is a bit of a challenge to be honest!