Skipper Line Urup


Would you like to join us? 

Expectations for crew members: We would prefer it if our crew members have some experience in sailing, but it is not a must. Good health, spirits, humour and gastronomical skills are very much appriciated on board. If you have not yet tried living on a boat you should be prepared to live very closely with up to 7 other people. Therefore, we want to emphasise the importance of you being able to live a very social life and be part of a little community. You must be independent and willing to make an effort in order to get the community and life on board to succeed. A possitive attitude will get you far and everything will be alot more fun when we are all in it together. 

This is how we sail: We prefer uncomplicated, effortless sailing over fast and tense. If we need to wait for a better wether forecast that is what we will do. Only good spirits allowed! 

Smoking and alcohol: Drinking alcohol while we are sailing is forbidden. It is, however, okay to enjoy alcohol on board in moderate amounts when we are in habor. Smoking on board is not allowed.

Eating habits: We eat whatever the galley and benches has to offer. Everyone on board cooks dinner in shifts and it is up to the ones cooking to decide what we are having that day. Allergies and unusual eating habits will not necessarily be taken into account.

Most important:
1. Skipper always has the last word! 
2. Pay attention and show respect to your fellow ship mates. 

Practical info: When joining the boat each crew member must bring copies of their valid passport, personal ensurance and return flight ticket.