Skipper Line Urup


Europe 2017

Leg 1: La Coruña, Spain to Faro, South Portugal
Period: 16/8-2017 - 20/9-2017, 36 days.
Sailing area: We expect to be sailing only during day time along the spanish and portuguese westcoast. 
Available crew seats:  FULLY BOOKED

Leg 2: Faro, South Portugal to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Period: 24/9-2017 - 21/10-2017, 26 days.
Sailing area: We are sailing from Faro to Madeira/Porto Santo, which is going to take us about 4 days. After this we will sail to the canary islands and at last Las Palmas.
Available crew seats: 5

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Caribbean 2018

If you are joining us on a leg in Caribbean we recomend that you fly to either St. Lucia or Matinique since that would be the easiest. Before you leave we will let you know about the boats current location. If the boat is not located on the island on which you land, you can take a local flight to the boats destination. It is neither expensive or difficult.

Leg 3: Caribbean
Period: 1/2-2018 - 27/2-2018, 27 days.
Sailing area: Southeast Caribbean
Available crew seats: FULLY BOOKED

Leg 4: Caribbean
Period: 1/3-2018 - 29/3-2018, 29 days.
Sailing area: South- and north east Caribbean
Available crew seats: 5

Leg 5: Caribbean
Period: 1/4-2018 - 25/4-2018, 25 days.
Sailing area: North- and south east Caribbean
Available crew seats: 6

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