Skipper Line Urup


Safety first!

Safety gear
Liferaft (Waypoint)
Model: I.S.O.
8 pers.
Made: Juli 2011
Last check: April 2017

Flares: 2 x off shore package:
4 x Red handflares
4 x White handflares
4 x Parachute flares
2 x Smoke floating signals

8 x Life jackets, self-inflatable
8 x Life lines, 1,5 meters.
Life lines and hooks on deck and along the boat

2 x Spare antenna for VHF

2 x Sling
2 x Lifebuoy
1 x Flagbuoy
2 x Drogue

Wooden plugs for leaks
Wire sax

5 x Fire blankets
7 x Fire extinguishers (powder): 1 x 6 kg, 4 x 1kg, 2 x 2 kg
2 x Fire extinguishers (spray)
Fire alarm
Gas alarm
CO alarm
CO2 extinguisher in engine compartment (automatic)

Grab bag for 8 pers.
Dinghy + outboard enginge
Satellite phone (Iridium)